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Two Strategies for Weeding

Tertill doesn't just kill weeds in your garden, it actually prevents them from growing. Tertill's specially designed wheels micro-till the surface of the soil preventing germinating seeds from sprouting. Weeds that do manage to grow get chopped down with Tertill's string trimmer again and again until they run out of energy and die.

Cornell School of Agriculture found Tertill's method of weeding as effective as hand weeding.

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People LOVE Their Tertills


“ looking at the results of the hand weeded control group vs. Tertill with trimmer, the result is astounding. You are seeing as good weed control with Tertill as with the hand weeding effort.”

Dr. Averill at the Cornell University School of Integrative Plant Science.


Got it for my dad and went over to help him set it up. We were both laughing when we realized you just had to press a button.

Roberto A.


Just have to tell you. This is the first summer in 32 years that I have returned from vacation with a weed free garden. Usually I return to a jungle! I have 2 Tertills ….. Will be ordering 2 more. Thanks for everything!

Drew W.


I had given up my vegetable garden because of my bad back. Now that I have Tertill, I was able to put in a 10 x 20 garden this year.

Lydia S.


I’m using my Tertill to keep the weeds down in my rose garden (I have about 10 rose bushes in the garden). The Tertill does a good job of getting around the entire garden space and does keep the weeds down /less growing than in years past. … It’s saving me time from weeding so I’m happy with it! Thank you!

Wendy J.

I'm using my robot to weed the area right in front of my house. It is covered in 3-year-old bark mulch and sparsely planted with a handful of large bushes and a small tree. I put it in the front so I can watch it through the front window…. The mechanical design is fantastic. It looks good, I like the size, the women all comment that it is cute, it feels solid. I like the idea that it is solar powered. At first, I thought the business end was the weed wacker, but after watching it for the past month I appreciate that the wheels are also used too to turn the soil. The bark mulch looks better, the constant turning is keeping it dry and separated…

Jason R


Summers tend to get busy (though, not as much this year), so I usually see a good start to my garden and then a gradual decline in upkeep. Tertill makes it so I don’t have to weed my garden daily, so when I do manage to get in to my garden to tend to it, the weeds have not taken over and my time is spent working with my plants.

Bethany W.


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