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Weeds are a constant garden threat. Slack off on keeping them under control and they’ll quickly take over. The Tertill robot is a surprisingly functional alternative to constant vigilance and weeding by hand. This solar-powered, automated weed trimmer is designed to patrol and take out weeds as they emerge, so you don’t have to.

This “Roomba” lives in your garden and whacks weeds for you.

This time, within about a week, all the weeds were completely gone, while the one larger plant in the bed was unscathed. We let it keep patrolling, and we haven’t seen a weed in that bed since.  In the right conditions, Tertill works—and works surprisingly well.

As a full-time resident of your garden, the Tertill earns its room and board by roaming the grounds and weed whacking on a daily basis. For anyone who doesn’t want to spend every day pulling weeds, this little helper is definitely the answer.