Fertill Garden Program
Fertill Garden Program
Fertill Garden Program
Fertill Garden Program
Fertill Garden Program
Fertill Garden Program

Fertill Garden Program

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Shipments begin in April 2022 -Certificate Available if you would like to give it as a gift

The Know How to Grow WOW!

Growing a beautiful and bountiful raised-bed vegetable garden just got a whole lot easier with the Fertill Garden Program. The program includes customized organic fertilizers delivered right to your door, a smartphone app that organizes all your garden information, and personalized expert advice at your fingertips.

Garden Successfully

Garden experts all agree, success starts with the soil. That's why we include a free soil test to identify any deficiencies in the 12+ nutrients plants need to thrive. The test results, combined with your location and plant selection, enable Tertill to create a customized fertilizer plan just for your garden. Then you get the right fertilizer, at the right time, right to your door.

Garden Organically

All our fertilizers are OMRI-Listed organic and formulated to help you grow big healthy plants that are more resistant to pests & diseases. This means less need for fungicides and pesticides - better for people, pollinators and the planet.

Garden Confidently

The companion smartphone app beautifully organizes all your garden data, including test results, fertilizers applied, and photos so you can track your success year after year. If you have any questions, our garden experts will tell you exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Garden Happy with the Fertill Garden Program!

We hope you love Tertill as much as we do! If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, you have 60 days to return your Tertill from the date of purchase. We will refund 100% of the cost of Tertill plus any applicable sales tax and even pay for shipping Tertill back to us.

Please review the Where Tertill Works page to make sure that Tertill is right for your application.


Please email support@tertill.com and tell us why you would like to return Tertill. We will review your request and then create a USPS postage paid return label.

Pack up Tertill and all accessories (in the original box if possible) and mail it back to us. Please include the RMA number and your original order number or other proof of purchase.  NOTE: We cannot accept Tertills that are damaged from mishandling, falls or misuse. 


Once we receive your robot, we will inspect it and notify you on the status of your return. If your return is approved, we will refund 100% of your purchase price plus applicable sales tax. The time it takes for the credit to post to your account depends on your card issuer's policies.

Contact Us

If you have any questions on how to return Tertill, contact us at support@tertill.com.

You can always contact us about any operating questions, or repair inquiries.

How does it know a weed from a plant?

Tertill has forward-facing sensors that detect plants. When they sense a plant, Tertill turns away. Plants too short to reach Tertill’s edges are assumed to be weeds. You keep short plants safe by placing provided plant guards around them until they are tall enough for Tertill to recognize. When Tertill approaches the guard, it will sense it and turn away.

How does it remove them? won’t the weeds just grow back?
Tertill has two mechanisms for keeping weeds out of your garden. First, by continuously roaming over the soil, it prevents many would-be weeds from successfully germinating, much like a well-worn path. Then, if there are weeds that manage to grow, it whacks these weeds using a spinning string trimmer, which cuts the weed off near the ground. Because Tertill lives in your garden and goes looking for weeds every day, weeds are always small when the robot finds them. A whacked weed may sprout again, but sprouting takes energy stored in the seed or root. By coming back every day, Tertill never lets a weed develop the leaves it needs to replenish this energy, so eventually, the weed gives up and dies.
How does Tertill know where the edge of my garden is?
There needs to be at least a 4-inch barrier around your garden to keep Tertill from wandering away. The barrier might be a fence, edging, or the wooden border of a raised bed. Tertill has a simple, reliable strategy to ensure that it covers the garden, using algorithms similar to Roomba and other robotic vacuums.
Why does Tertill stop so much?
Tertill is able to maintain up to a ten by twenty-foot garden by carefully managing how it uses the power it collects from the sun. A key to this is Tertill’s ability to run for small amounts of time throughout the day. Over the course of a day, the total run time will be between one to two hours depending on the amount of sunlight available. More details are available on our support site.
Do I need to charge my Tertill?
Tertill gets all its needed power from the sun. When there is sunlight—even on cloudy days—Tertill’s solar cell converts the light into electricity. The robot stores the energy in a battery. You don’t need to charge Tertill’s battery. Tertill uses its stored power smartly—during cloudy stretches, when less power is available, it patrols for weeds less often. Tertill is more aggressive during periods with more sun. Fortunately, weeds grow more slowly when they have less light.
How many Tertills do I need for my garden?
A single Tertill can maintain up to a 20 ft by 10 ft garden or about 200 square feet. If you have an unusually large garden (good for you!) you might get better performance with more than one robot.
Will Tertill get stuck?
Tertill’s four-wheel-drive and round body design minimizes the chance of it getting stuck, but it can happen. It is important to check on Tertill every few days, especially when you first set up your garden or after severe weather or watering. Should Tertill ever get stuck simply eliminate the obstacle and place it back down to allow it to continue to patrol for weeds.