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Tertill Gift Giver Bundle

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Give the ultimate gardening gift - a weed-free garden! Your favorite gardener can enjoy taking care of their plants, while Tertill takes care of the weeds.

FREE Shipping, NO RISK Returns & 1-Year Limited Warranty

Tertill is designed to help you grow delicious organic food - without all the weeding. Tertill lives in the garden, runs on sunshine, and weeds every day. It's the perfect gardening companion!

  • Solar-Powered & weatherproof - Stays in garden from spring through fall
  • Kills pre-emergent weeds with specially designed wheels
  • Chops down sprouted weeds with string trimmer
  • Easy set up - No Programming or mapping - just push the button
  • Proven as effective as hand weeding by the Cornell School of Agriculture
  • Uses height to tell plants from weeds - comes with guards to protect small plants
  • Weeds in 2-5 minute intervals for 1-2 hours a day
  • Maintains up to a 200 square foot garden
  • From the inventor of Roomba

The Tertill® Gift Giver Bundle adds extra accessories to ensure the recipient has everything they need to use Tertill in their garden. The best garden gift for Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, or anyone who wants to grow fresh healthy vegetables - without all the weeding.

FREE Shipping, NO RISK Returns & 1-Year Limited Warranty


  • Tertill Package
    • 10 Plant Guards
    • 10 Row Guards
    • 10 replacement whacker strings
  • 20 Additional Plant Guards
  • 20 Additional Row Guards
  • Whacker String Replacement Kit
    • 20 replacement whacker strings
    • 2 replacement whacker hubs

      We stand behind our products 100%

      Perks of Being a Weeding Robot Customer

      Tertill Weeding Robot in weed-free raised bed garden near a pepper plant early in the morning. Tertill is a solar powered weeding robot that prevents weeds in your vegetable garden. Chemical free, easy to use, effective weed control.

      Free Shipping

      The Tertill Weeding Robot includes free standard shipping anywhere in the continental US.

      60-Day Risk Free Trial

      The Tertill Weeding Robot is awesome, but it is not perfect for every application. If you buy it, and it doesn't work in yours, we will gladly take it back and refund you 100% of your purchase price. We even pay for shipping it back to us. Please read the Where it Works Blog to help you decide if Tertill is right for your garden!

      Customer Support

      No one has ever made a weeding robot for home gardens, so you might have some questions. You can reach out to us at and/or check out the FAQ page to see if there is a quick answer

      Free Tertill App

      Download the free Tertill App for Apple or Android and manage your Tertill Robot. You can even give it a name! Some of our favorites are Yertill, Romeo, Franklin, and Myrtle.

      1-Year Warranty

      Tertill was designed by a team of world-class roboticists, including Joe Jones, the inventor of Roomba®. It has a full 1-year limited warranty which covers any product defects (failed motors, battery, etc.) that occur during normal use of your robot. In other words, stuff happens, we make it right.

      Tertill is Gentle on Plants, but Fierce on Weeds

      • Barrier

        At least a 4-inch barrier all the way around the garden to keep it from wandering away. Metal, wood and masonry work best.

      • Spacing

        Plants and rows should be 9-12 inches apart to give the robot room to maneuver. Tertill can only weed where it can reach.

      • Surface

        Relatively flat surface (<7degrees) that has been raked fairly smooth to remove large rocks and ruts. A leaf rake works great!

      • Guards

        Use included metal guards to protect young plants or seedling until they grow tall enough for the robot to sense them.