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Tertill Organics Zen Blend 4-4-4 Fertilizer 6-Pack (9 Lbs.)

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Tertill Organics Zen Blend 4-4-4 is an effective all-purpose fertilizer that packs powerful plant nutrition into every pellet. Added micro-organisms support the complex symbiotic ecosystem necessary in soil for plants to thrive.

Zen Blend can be applied anytime during the growing season to help your plants start strong and produce an abundant harvest.

Standard Application Rate: Evenly apply 6-12 cups per 100 square feet and mix into the top 3 inches of soil.

Tertill Organics Fertilizers

The 100% natural organic materials in our fertilizers slowly release nutrients for continuous feeding. The fertilizer blends have added micro-organisms to support the complex symbiotic ecosystem necessary in soil for plants to thrive.

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  • Community Gardens

    The sturdy pinch jars are the perfect size to bring to your community garden plot where this is often little or not storage. After you are done, peel off the label and use the jars to hold screws, nuts, bolts, seeds, etc. or recycle.

  • Two raised bed gardens are the perfect size for the Tertill Garden Program which creates a custom fertilizer plan based on your soil and then delivers the right amount of the right fertilizer, at the right time, right to your door.

    Raised Beds

    The 6-pack can be used to fertilize 6 standard (4x8) raised beds - with each bed getting it's own pinch jar of fertilizer - perfectly portioned for between 30-45 sq. feet. for each jug.

  • In-Ground Gardens

    Spread the entire 6-pack evenly across your inground gardens that are around 100-125 sq. ft. to help them flourish. Broadcast the fertilizer in unplanted beds or side dress near plants.

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Get just the right amount of organic fertilizers delivered right to your door. No more lugging that huge messy bag that always seems to break open just as you get it home.

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Best Practice for Fertilizing

You can't tell what nutrients your soil needs just by looking at it. TGet a soils test from you local extension office. That way you know exactly what you need based on the test results. Soil science, it's a thing!