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Farmers have been using soil analysis and automation for decades to grow better crops. Now Tertill delivers those tools, tech, and support right to your door. Grow your best garden ever!

Tertill Garden Program

Includes custom fertilizer plan, Tertill App, and unlimited support for gardening questions

Customized Tertill Organics Fertilizers Delivered to Your Door

Woman in lush vegetable garden.  Tertill Garden Program offers customized fertilizer plan.

Know Better to Grow Better

The Tertill Garden Program uses the data from a FREE soil test, your location, and crops to create a customized Tertill Organics fertilizer plan just for your garden. Then we send you the right fertilizer, at the right time, right to your door. Have the knowledge, confidence, and supplies to grow a “WOW!” garden filled with delicious results.

The accompanying Tertill App organizes garden data, fertilizers shipped, and provides access to unlimited gardening support. Pricing starts at $59.00 a year.

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A Robot That Prevents Weeds

Solar powered weeding robot for home vegetable gardens. No charging, no programming, just push the button. Organically controls weeds all season long.

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The Ultimate Garden Tool - From the Inventor of Roomba®

  • Drew W.

    "This is the first time in 32 years that I have come home from vacation to a beautiful garden, rather than a weedy mess. Thanks Tertill!"

  • Dr. Averill, Cornell University

    “... the result is astounding. You are seeing as good weed control with Tertill as with hand weeding.”

  • Antoinette

    "This robot is for everyone who loves gardening but hates the weeds. I think this is an excellent tool. It saves time, effort, sweat, and muscle aches. I HIGHLY recommend it."

  • Ross Trethewey - This Old House

    "This weeding robot will save you time and energy removing weeds automatically." 

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But How Does It Work?

Tertill is Ridiculously Easy to Use!

Just press the button and let the robot take care of the rest. The only maintenance is to replace the whacker string when it wears down. Proven as effective as hand weeding by Cornell School of Agriculture and loved by Tertill owners in every state! ****Four Stars on Amazon ****

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