Tertill the weeding robot in a garden Tertill the weeding robot in a garden

Garden Weeding Robot

From the Inventor of Roomba
Get a more bountiful garden with Tertill the weeding robot Enjoy a more bountiful garden with Tertill Weeding Robot. Image of fresh healthy vegetables.

Enjoy a more Bountiful Garden

Without all the Weeding!
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A Better Way to Weed

Tertill is a solar-powered weeding robot that lives in your garden and weeds intermittently for a total of 1-2 hours every day. Its specially designed wheels churn up the top layer of soil preventing most weeds from sprouting. If any weeds do grow, Tertill chops them down with its string trimmer.

Proven as effective as hand-weeding by the Cornell School of Agriculture

Identical Gardens After 3 Weeks

Easy to Use

You don't have to spray chemicals, struggle with plastic sheeting, or spend hours on your hands and knees to control weeds. Just press the button and let the robot take care of the rest!

Simple requirements include a 4-inch barrier, adequate plant spacing, and a relatively smooth surface.

Solar Powered

Solar powered, so you don’t need to charge it

Waterproof Symbol

No need to bring Tertill in when it rains

Stays in the Garden All Season Long

How Does Tertill Tell a Weed from a Plant?

To Tertill, plants are tall and weeds are short. A plant tall enough to touch the front of Tertill’s shell makes the robot turn away. A plant short enough to pass under Tertill’s shell activates the whacker string.

 Tertill should be placed in a weed-free garden to start. We recommend putting Tertill in your garden at the beginning of the season, before weeds have started to sprout, or right after a weeding.