Tertill® the Weeding Robot

Proven as Effective as Hand Weeding

Tertill is a compact and effective robot designed to weed your home vegetable garden. Round, short, and equipped with four wheel drive, its rugged weatherproof shell and large solar panel let it stay in the garden all season long, running on nothing but sunshine.

From the Inventor of Roomba®

“... the result is astounding. You are seeing as good weed control with Tertill as with the hand weeding effort.”

Dr. Averill at the Cornell University School of Integrative Plant Science.

"This weeding robot will save you time and energy removing weeds automatically." 

Ross Trethewey, This Old House

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"I love this little thing. It’s so adorable! I was intrigued as soon as I came across this listing and, since we expanded our garden this year, I figured I could use all the help I could get with weeding. I love that it’s solar powered cause the last thing I need is something else to charge.

Wendy B.

"This robot is for everyone who loves gardening but hates the weeds. It's like a robot vacuum for outside. I think the most important part of using this robot is to watch the videos first. They give you a good introduction to how it works and how best to use it. I think this is an excellent tool. It saves time, effort, sweat, and muscle aches. I HIGHLY recommend it."

Identical Gardens after 3 weeks
The only difference is Tertill

"This is the first time in 32 years that I have come home from vacation to a beautiful garden, rather than a weedy mess. Thanks Tertill!"

Drew W.

"This year has been the most weed free I've experienced since I began gardening about 4 years ago thanks to my Tertill !"

Wanda G.

Garden Requirements

Tertill should be placed in a weed-free garden that has at least a 4-inch border, a foot between plants or rows, and a relatively flat and smooth surface.