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Do you have seeds left after you finish planting? Do you save them to use again? This blog explores a simple way to tell if your old seeds will still germinate in the Spring. It also recommends the best way to store leftover seeds to extend their viability.
Winter provides an opportunity to reflect on last year’s garden and make plans for the coming one. Here are five gardening trends predicted to be big in 2021. Which one are you going to incorporate into your garden?
Weeds are usually the first things that sprout at the start of the growing season and the last things to die at the end of it. Many vegetable gardeners ignore weeds before planting, after the harvest, and wait days or weeks to pull them during the season. This is a HUGE mistake.
One proven way to lower blood pressure, elevate mood, and improve overall health is to garden. Apparently, digging in the dirt out in the sunshine has a lot of health benefits! Includes easy steps to start the right-sized garden for you.