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What a Difference Tertill Makes

  • This Old House - America's most trusted home improvement brand

    "Ross Trethewey explores a variety of technologies that could make the future of home landscaping automated. Products featured include a Husqvarna automower, Rain Bird smart irrigation, and the Tertill weeding robot."

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  • Silver Cymbal- Helping You Take Care of Your Home Inside & Out

    "It doesn't use chemicals, electricity , or anything else that could be harmful. ...What was really amazing was that by day three the garden really started to transform and all the weeds began to disappear, and the robot just kept going. And that's important because the weeds are not going to stop trying to grow."

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  • Pro Tool Reviews - Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

    "The Tertill weeder automagically senses the terrain, learns its surroundings, and weeds your garden so you don’t have to. How? Magic. No, actually, it’s a lot of science...The Tertill really impressed us. It works simply, and it simply works. While not inexpensive, it makes for a truly unique solution to a common problem. "

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Garden More - Weed Less

Tertill Weeding Robot eliminates the #1 most-hated outdoor chore - weeding. Veteran roboticist Joe Jones (inventor of Roomba®) designed the Tertill Weeding Robot to be rugged enough to stay in the garden all season long, run on nothing but sunshine, and control weeds organically.

While you take care of your plants, Tertill takes care of the weeds!