Tertill Gardens- click the picture to learn more about each garden.

Drew W. has two Tertills in his very large garden. He was excited to tell us that it is the first time in 32 years he has returned from vacation to a weed-free garden.
Joe C. added a new 200 square foot #garden this year to his backyard. Joe is hoping to get his kids interested in gardening and eating more vegetables. He planted lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and zucchini. 

Tertill adapts to the season - from keeping weeds from going to seed before and after the main growing season to maneuvering around plants in the height of summer.


Tertill can work in many shaped gardens - here is a long-narrow raised bed that was built before Tertill was purchased. With a slight modification, Tertill is right at home. You can get a lot of plants in a little space using vertical gardening!