Lydia's new 10 x 20 vegetable garden

I put Tertill in my garden at the beginning of April - even before I started planting to help control the weeds that sprout up early. The snow didn't bother it at all.

Now its July - and I have not weeded my garden all summer. There are a few little ones here and there, but Tertill will eventually get them!

I initially used the plant guards to block off the things I sowed directly (carrots, greens). Now I use the plant guards to protect the stems of things that tend to flop over like zucchini. 

#Tertill Tip: Use the plant guards in different ways throughout the season. 

Here are tiny cucumbers training up a fence - and my buried soaker hose. I used the guards to protect the little tendrils until they are all trained up the fence.

Getting around my butternut squash, zucchini, cucumber, and melon plants. Some days it takes me a little while to find Tertill under all the plants.

Just outside the garden - a weedy mess

Here is Tertill making sure no weeds got a foothold in my garden in early spring - even after a surprise snow squall. The snow quickly melted - Tertill woke up and kept patrolling!


Started a few new plants later in the season to replace where the peas were - and I am using the plant guards again. They are barely visible in the right side of the picture.