Have questions about how to use your Tertill weeding robot? Get answers from Joe Jones, the inventor of Tertill (and Roomba). In these handy "How To" videos, Joe answers the most common questions about maintenance, storage, garden setup and and overview of how Tertill works. If you have more questions - contact - we are here to help!


Unboxing Tertill the Weeding Robot

See everything you get with Tertill the weeding robot

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Overview of How to Use Tertill

A quick overview that highlights the easy steps to get the best experience using the robot.

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Joe Jones the Inventor of Tertill the weeding robot showing how to prepare a garden before placing Tertill in it.
Preparing Your Garden

Instructions on how to set up your vegetable garden for Tertill

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Updating Tertill's Software

How to update the robot's software using the free app

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How to replace the whacker string on a Tertill weeding robot
Replacing the Whacker String

How to replace the whacker string on your Tertill

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Installing Row & Plant Guards

How to correctly install Tertill's Row and Plant Guards.

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How to use Tertill the weeding robot on mulch
Using Tertill on Mulch

Tertill works on mulch if you keep these few things in mind

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Joe Jones showing how to store your Tertill for the winter
Storing Tertill for the Winter

Instructions on how to store your Tertill for the winter

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