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Tertill CEO Helen Greiner's Interview on VentureFizz

Listen to Keith Cline's interview of Tertill CEO Helen Greiner - one of the most fascinating people in the tech industry!

NECN This Week In Business

Tertill: A Weeding Robot

Imagine a robot with a green thumb. Helen Greiner, of iRobot and Roomba fame is now Chairman and CEO of Tertill, where they make a robot for gardeners that does the weeding for you.

Tertill and Helen Greiner on NECN This Week in Business - talking about how to have a weed-free garden with Tertill the weeding robot for home gardens.

Yahoo Finance

How the Tertill robot helps manage gardens

Tertill the weeding robot featured on Yahoo Finance

The Gadget Flow

 Tech Crunch


Boston Business Journal

Boston Globe

Boston Globe article on Helen Greiner as new CEO of Tertill

The Robot Report


AI Authority