Joe's New 200 Square Foot Garden

Joe's New 200 Square Foot Garden

Joe C. added a new 200 square foot garden this year to his backyard. Joe is hoping to get his kids interested in gardening and eating more vegetables. He planted lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and zucchini. 

#Tertill Tip: Put trailing plants, like cucumbers, at the edge so they can be trained up the fence. Easier to harvest and lets Tertill weed more of the garden. Also, I used the guards to protect the lettuce rows as they were reseeded throughout the season.

Getting the kids excited about putting in a garden
Getting the children involved with the garden placement

Making progress with 10 x 20 garden for Tertill

Tertill ready garden

Planted 10 x 20 Tertill Garden

Plants are in! 

Mature 10 x 20 Tertill Garden

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