Meet Tertill

A better way to weed

Keep weeds from taking over your garden

Weeding is one of the biggest challenges in maintaining a beautiful and bountiful garden. Weeds steal water and nutrients from your plants, harbor insects, shade your vegetables, and are an eyesore.  Gardeners use mulch, herbicides, weed block, and hand-weeding to control weeds, but using these can increase pests, damage soil and negatively impact health. Finally, with Tertill, there is a better way to weed.  

Tertill is the first robot designed to weed your home garden. Its rugged waterproof shell and large solar panel let it stay in the garden all season long, running on nothing but sunshine. Created by Joe Jones, inventor of the Roomba, Tertill lets you weed your garden with the touch of a button. Tertill can help you grow your best garden yet!

Solar Powered

Solar powered, so you don’t need to charge it.

Chemical Free

Tertill doesn’t use any chemicals to remove weeds.

Waterproof Symbol

No need to bring Tertill in when it rains.

Tertill App

Enables free software updates.

How does Tertill work?

Simply place Tertill in your garden and press the power button. Tertill will immediately start to patrol your garden inhibiting weeds from sprouting with its specially-designed wheels. If any weeds do sprout, Tertill chops them down with an integrated whacker string. By weeding every day, Tertill never lets a weed develop the leaves it needs to thrive, so eventually the weed gives up and dies.

How does Tertill tell a weed from a plant?

Tertill uses a very simple strategy for telling weeds from plants: weeds are short, plants are tall. A plant tall enough to touch the front of Tertill’s shell makes the robot turn away. A plant short enough to pass under Tertill’s shell activates the whacker string. Tertill comes with metal plant guards that can be placed around small plants or seeds until they get tall enough for the robot to sense them.

Daily weeding

With Tertill, you have a tool that patrols your garden daily. Weeds don't have a chance to go to seed, breaking their life cycle and preventing future weeds.

No herbicides

Tertill makes it easy to maintain your garden organically without the risks and expense of using herbicides. Better for you and better for the environment!

More productive

When you keep weeds from stealing nutrients, water, and sunlight from your plants, your garden is not only more beautiful, it is more productive.

Garden helper

Time or health constraints? Tertill greatly reduces the amount of effort and time required to control weeds, letting you focus your efforts on other things.