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Five Gardening Trends to Watch in 2021

Winter provides an opportunity to reflect on last year’s garden and make plans for the coming one. Here are five gardening trends predicted to be big in 2021. Which one are you going to incorporate into your garden?

  1. Buying pre-packaged bundles - The pandemic made retailers offer more contactless shopping options, including curbside pickup. To make it easier for shoppers to get what they need, many stores (big and small) are offering pre-packaged bundles. Examples include organic heirloom vegetable packages, complete shade gardens, and spring/summer/fall fertilizer packages. Stores are mining their databases to see what was popular and are putting together convenient packages that will have broad appeal. These bundles are usually cheaper than purchasing the items individually - so worth checking out!

  2. Making outdoor spaces more functional - Most homeowners spent a lot more time at home in 2020 and it made them re-evaluate their yards. Many started to replace sterile stretches of grass and boring mulch beds with firepits, vegetable gardens, pergolas, and more interesting landscaping. Retailers took notice and will be stocking up on new materials and products designed to improve outdoor living. One thing to note - if you see something you like, you might want to buy it early - a lot of popular products sold out last year.

  3. Growing food - The combination of more time at home and fears about food scarcity fueled an explosion of interest in growing fruits and vegetables in 2020. The majority of people who started gardening are predicted to stick with it. Who can go back to hard, pale, store-bought tomatoes after tasting a juicy one right off the vine?  Look for more innovation to help people grow food regardless of how much space they have. New varieties like hanging basket blueberries and micro tomatoes means anyone with a hook or sunny windowsill can grow their own food. 

  4. Growing organic - A heightened concern about health and safety in our homes and yards is another trend that will be strong in 2021. People will be looking for non-toxic and organic ways to control pests and weeds. Expect to see retailers offer more options that address these rising health concerns.

  5. "Gardening" online - Gardeners, old and new, are flocking to the internet to watch videos, listen to podcasts, and read blogs to learn more about gardening. Then they are sharing the results with family, friends and followers online.


These trends can help turn a boring backyard into a staycation oasis you won’t want to leave, even after you can. So, start dreaming about all the new ways you can improve your garden!

Here at Tertill, we are ready to support these 2021 gardening trends:

  1. Tertill comes in several bundles 
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  4. Tertill is solar-powered and controls weeds mechanically, so there is no need to use herbicides or plastic films. 
  5. We are here to help with free support and “How To” videos 

Happy Growing!

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