Tertill weeding 4 x 20 raised-bed vegetable gardens

Peter S. is using Tertill in his 4ft x 20ft raised bed vegetable garden. He planted chives, tomatoes, lettuce, parsley, and peppers.

#Tertill Tips: “I planted our vegetables in staggered neat short rows. I like the look, it gives me lots of variety and Tertill is able to weed around everything. It does a nice job going in between the rows.

I also put in my garden before getting a Tertill. The overhang along the edges formed by the top block gives Tertill a hard time so I added a piece of landscaping border to block the area under the block. So far it seems to be working, keeping Tertill from getting stuck and blocking weed growth from the area Tertill can’t reach.”

Son looking at Tertill in the garden


Tertill in my raised bed garden

Aerial shot of my garden with Tertill

 Tomatoes coming in great!

Used a lot of vertical gardening to get more yield from a smaller footprint


These are the best gardens we have ever had! Thanks, Tertill!