Tertill the weeding robot weeds a home garden.

Five Simple Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Tertill

Tertill is very easy to care for and starts weeding your garden with just the push of a button - no programming required. Below are some simple steps to preparing your garden to get the best performance from your Tertill.

1. Check the Size - Each Tertill can maintain approximately 200 square feet, twice the size of the average US garden.  So a 10 x 20 garden, or 14 x 14 are great options. 

2. Create a Barrier - Tertill will wander off unless it has a physical barrier around the perimeter of your garden.  The barrier should be at least 4-inches tall. The best border materials for Tertill are conductive and include:

  • Metal fence (chain-link, chicken wire, hardware cloth, etc.)
  • Wood fence (picket, stockade, landscaping timbers, wood planks)
  • Brick edging
  • Supplied row guards
Plastic boundaries will keep Tertill contained, but Tertill will use more of its energy detecting them - which takes time away from weeding.

    3. Prep the Surface - Tertill works best when the terrain is relatively smooth. Tertill has 4-wheel drive and will do its best to maneuver around rocks and ruts, but the time spent negotiating those is time away from weeding. A well-raked garden without rocks or ruts bigger than an inch is optimal. 

    4. Start with a Clean Slate -  Tertill uses a simple strategy to tell weeds from plants - weeds are short and plants are tall. For this strategy to work, Tertill needs to be placed in the garden at the beginning of the season before weeds start to grow, when weeds are less than an inch high, or right after the garden has been weeded.  

    5. Spacing- Tertill does best in a garden that follows traditional recommended plant spacing, This is typically 10-12 inches between plants which allows enough room for Tertill to reach every part of the garden. Spacing plants this way will also help maximize yield and minimize pests and disease that result from dense planting. 

    Remember, if you have any questions, we are here to help! Send any questions or comments to support@tertill.com.

    Happy gardening!

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