Bare Soil

Bare Soil

Tertill the weeding robot works best on different types of bare soil because it enables Tertill's specially designed wheel to churn up the top layer of the soil disrupting germinating weeds at their most vulnerable state. The soil should be free from large debris such as rocks, twigs, root clumps, etc. 

Here are examples of different types of bare soils that Tertill can work in:

Soil with small rocks (under 1-inch).

Note: Rake out large rocks with a leaf rake to help maximize Tertill's maneuverability.

Soil with small rocks in it can be home to a Tertill weeding robot



Sandy soil is an excellent garden surface for Tertill the weeding robot


Sandy Soil

Sandy soil is a great surface for Tertill the weeding robot

Clay Soil

Clay soil is a surface Tertill the weeding robot can work on - just atch out for mud build-up on the wheels

Note that clay soil can clump up on Tertill's wheels after a rainstorm - so monitor the mud and just remove it by brushing it off if it doesn't naturally fall off as the robot moves around. 

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