About Us

Trying to solve an age-old gardening problem

Roomba inventor Joe Jones and veteran Roboticist Rory MacKean started working together  in 2015 to create a robot to help gardeners control weeds. With a lot of hard work, and help from two more talented roboticists, Jeff Vandegrift and John Chase, the team developed Tertill, first robot that can autonomously weed your garden with the touch of a button. 

A wildly successful Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign launched Tertill in 2017  proving that Tertill met a clear customer need. Thanks to all our great early supporters, Tertill is now available for purchase, bringing joy to thousands of gardeners. 

Tertill’s new weeding modality has been validated by thousands of customers and studied by weed control experts around the country. Recently, Cornell School of Agriculture showed Tertill to be as effective as hand weeding in side by side testing. 

Inventing a better way to weed  

Much like the sticky note, Tertill’s effectiveness is part intention and part accident. When we tested Tertill, we thought most of the weeding would be done by the whacker string, constantly chopping weeds until their roots eventually shrivel up and die. However when we put Tertill to work, the better than expected results surprised us. 

It turns out that by using a robot to regularly transverse the surface of the garden, we had invented a brand-new modality of weeding. Tertill’s wheels mechanically inhibit the germination of some types of weeds. Those that do sprout are then chopped down using the whacker string. Tertill can be very efficient at eliminating even difficult to manage weeds using these two strategies. 

Product philosophy

The Tertill team believes in working hard to improve our robots through continuous research and listening to customer feedback. We are committed to offering consumers a new way to have a more beautiful and bountiful garden with just the touch of a button.

Gardeners who use Tertill can reduce the environmental impact, time commitment, and expense of competing weed-control methods including herbicides, hand weeding, mulch, and weed block.