About Us

Tertill Corp is on a mission to make it easier for people to grow their own organic food. We take care of the frustrating stuff like weeding and fertilizing so people can focus on what they love about having a garden.

Our first product tackled the #1 most-hated outdoor chore - weeding. Veteran roboticist Joe Jones (inventor of Roomba®) designed the Tertill Weeding Robot to be rugged enough to stay in the garden all season long, run on nothing but sunshine, and control weeds organically.

Our next product, the Tertill Garden Program, removes the guesswork around knowing how much of what kind of fertilizer your garden needs to grow big healthy plants. The annual plan includes a free soil test, customized Tertill Organics fertilizers delivered to your door, a smartphone app that organizes your garden information, and personalized expert advice at your fingertips.

We back up our easy-to-use products with awesome support to ensure our customers can grow that “WOW” garden of their dreams.