About Us

At Tertill Corp, we are on a mission to make it easier for people to enjoy the many health and wellness benefits of gardening, especially vegetable gardening.

We do this by leveraging technology, advanced AI and data analytics to create products and services that enable people to spend their precious gardening time doing the things they love - rather than unpleasant, but necessary, chores.

Our first product, Tertill the weeding robot, tackles the #1 most-hated outdoor chore - weeding. Veteran roboticist Joe Jones (inventor of Roomba®) designed Tertill to be rugged enough to stay in the garden all season long, run on nothing but sunshine, and control weeds organically. 

Our newest offer, The Fertill Garden Program, addresses another critical area of vegetable gardening - soil nutrition. Available in the spring of 2022, The Fertill Garden Program is an annual fertilizer plan that ensures plants have the 12+ macro- and micronutrients they need to thrive. The program starts with a soil test because every garden is as unique as the gardener who tends it. Based on their results, customers are shipped OMRI-Certified organic fertilizers and amendments that will enable them to grow the "WOW" vegetable garden of their dreams.

The included smartphone app keeps track of important garden information like test results, crops planted, and fertilizers added. The app also beautifully organizes pictures of every stage of the garden and offers personalized expert advice.

Basically, we help people garden happy!