About Us

Trying to solve an age-old gardening problem

Veteran roboticist Joe Jones was weeding his vegetable garden for the umpteenth time and started thinking about how a robot could do this back-breaking chore. He knew that mimicking how people weed would be too challenging and cost-prohibitive. Then Joe had an inspiration: what if the robot prevented weeds from growing in the first place? Joe had invented Roomba® while at iRobot®, so he immediately thought of using a small mobile robot to handle the job. He tested his idea and found that preventing weeds from taking root using a small mobile robot was highly effective.



Joe assembled a world-class team to help engineer a rugged, user-friendly robot. Tertill, the world’s first weeding robot for home gardens, was born. Tertill’s weatherproof shell has a large solar panel for power and height sensors to tell weeds from plants. Below its shell there are specially-designed scrubbing wheels and a string trimmer that prevent/kill weeds mechanically - so no chemicals are required.  Helen Greiner, Tertill’s CEO and former Chairman/President of iRobot Corporation, has again teamed up with Joe to build a great product into a great company. Her vision is to help more people grow nutritious and delicious food, reduce the use of herbicides, and make gardening accessible to everyone.



Tertill Corporation enables gardeners to have beautiful and bountiful gardens - without all the weeding.