New Annual Care Plan for Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens Includes Soil Test, Fertilizers, and Expert Support

BOSTON, MA, March 18, 2022 – Growing a “WOW!” vegetable garden just got easier with the launch of the new Garden Program from Tertill Corporation, the innovators behind the award-winning solar-powered weeding robot

The new program brings customization and convenience to another frustrating issue facing home gardeners: soil fertility. The program uses soil test results, garden location and plant selection to create a customized fertilizer plan derived from both Cornell’s and other land-grant universities’ leadership in the field. Then the right Tertill Organics fertilizers are delivered at the right time, right to the doorstep.

The Tertill Garden Program makes it easy for home gardeners to follow best practices, such as testing the soil every 3 years, to determine exactly what nutrients are needed in their garden. Customers can be confident they are not wasting time, money, or effort and contributing to excess run-off into the watershed. 

The companion Tertill App organizes garden data – including soil test results and fertilizers applied – so gardeners can track their success year after year. In addition, users get unlimited support for their gardening questions.

“Fresh organic food picked right from your own garden is the most delicious and nutritious way to eat,” explains Helen Greiner, Chief Executive Officer of Tertill Corporation. “We are here to help people with the boring bits, like weeding and fertilizing, so they can focus on what they love about having a garden. That's why our tagline is Garden Happy!”

The Tertill Garden Program features Tertill Organics fertilizers formulated with premium-grade, sustainably-sourced organic materials scientifically proven both to help plants grow bigger and produce more abundant flowers, fruits, and vegetables. The program is designed for raised bed gardens from 30-120 square feet, and pricing starts at $59.00 a year.

More than 42 million households nationwide now have vegetable gardens, says the National Gardening Association, and successful gardening begins with well-prepared soil that contains all the necessary nutrients to grow healthy plants. 

About Tertill Corporation:

Tertill Corporation creates innovative solutions for the underserved edible landscape segment in the $64B smart home market. Its mission is to provide products that make it easier to grow fresh healthy food at home. Tertill’s flagship product, the Tertill Weeding Robot, tackled the #1 most-hated outdoor chore: weeding. Developed by the inventor of Roomba®, the robot lives in the garden all season long running on nothing but sunshine, enabling gardeners to organically control weeds with the touch of a button.  The newly-launched Tertill Garden Program is an annual care plan for raised-bed gardens that includes a soil test, customized fertilizer plan featuring Tertill Organics, and unlimited personalized support for gardening questions. Garden Happy – It’s easy with Tertill.

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