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These high-tech garden tools will do your yard work for you. Innovations like autonomous mowers and weeding robots let you upgrade the way you nurture your corner of nature - and leave your neighbors envious.


Tertill is included in their article 85 Thoughtful Father's Day Gifts for Your Husband That He'll Love Almost as Much as You.


Tertill is listed in TechRepublic's Innovation section as one of 12 cool gifts that mom will want this year and that will ensure that you are her favorite child.



Read Jeff Kart's article that highlights the trends behind Tertill's 600% growth over the past year as well as how Tertill senses your plants and kills weeds. There are lots of insights from Tertill's new CEO Helen Greiner, who has again teamed up with roboticist Joe Jones, the founder of Tertill.


This week, Helen Greiner, co-inventor of the Roomba, life-saving IED-detecting robots, and technology that is currently roving on Mars, shares her journey from 11 year old girl in love with R2D2 to CEO of gardening robot Tertill, the next big thing in robot technology.


In a segment about Massachusetts companies that turn to technology to educate and enhance your backyard, Watch Mike Wankum from Chronicle, interview Tertill's founder Joe Jones. Includes a There is a demo of Tertill's capacitive sensing that measures minute changes in electrical fields to navigate.


Listen to Keith Cline's VENTUREFIZZ interview of Tertill CEO Helen Greiner - one of the most fascinating people in the tech industry!


NECN's This Week In Business's Brian Burnell talks to Helen Greiner, of iRobot and Roomba fame, who is now Chairman and CEO of Tertill, where they make a robot for gardeners that does the weeding for you.

Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous and Brian Sozzi discuss the gardening trend amid COVID-19 with Tertill CEO, Helen Greiner.


The Gadget Flow tells how to get rid of pesky weeds in your garden with the Tertill Weeding Robot. This helpful garden robot is solar powered and weeds your garden every day.

Tecg Crunch covers iRobot co-founder Helen Greiner being named CEO of Robotic gardening startup, Tertill.


Bloomberg’s Janet Wu interviews Helen Greiner, co-founder of IRobot, on her new venture. She’s the new CEO of Tertill, which could be a gardner’s best friend.

iRobot co-founder Helen Greiner appointed CEO of gardening robot startup - by Lucia Maffei, Technology Reporter for the Boston Business Journal.

Tertill hires co-founder of iRobot as CEO - by Andy Rosen, The Boston Globe

Robot gardening startup, Tertill, names Helen Greiner CEO - by Steve Crowe, the Robot Report

Tertill Corporation Announces Helen Greiner as CEO & Chairman
iRobot Cofounder will use her Expertise in Consumer Robots to Propel Tertill Growth in the Outdoor Automation Industry - AIT News Desk.

Husqvarna Group Acquires Minority Share in Franklin Robotics Note: Since this was announced, Franklin Robotics has changed its name to Tertill Corporation.

Roomba Inventor Wants to Weed Your Garden - by Angela Moscaritolo, PC Magazine