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Tertill Garden Program

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Grow like the pros with a step-by-step customized fertilizer plan based on data from your soil, location, and plants. No more guessing what kind of fertilizer your garden needs, when & how to apply it, or exactly how much to use.

We ship two packages of the right amount of the right fertilizer, at the right time, right to your door! Includes a FREE soil test every three years.

You will be amazed with the results - guaranteed!

Tertill Organics Fertilizers

The 100% natural organic materials in our fertilizers slowly release nutrients for continuous feeding. The fertilizer blends have added micro-organisms to support the complex symbiotic ecosystem necessary in soil for plants to thrive.

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  • Approximately 32 Square Feet

    Sample layouts include one 4x8, two 4x4s, or four 2x4s. Great for urban gardens, a kitchen garden on the patio, or a community garden plot.

  • Two raised bed gardens are the perfect size for the Tertill Garden Program which creates a custom fertilizer plan based on your soil and then delivers the right amount of the right fertilizer, at the right time, right to your door.

    Approximately 65 Square Feet

    Sample layouts include two 4x8s, four 4x4s, five 2x8s, or one 8x8. Perfect for people with a little more room to grow (or less room to walk) on their balcony, patio, or backyard.

  • Approximately 120 Square Feet

    Sample layouts include three 4x8s, four 3x10s, seven 4x4s, or one big 12x10. This size Garden Program is for people with more space for multiple raised beds or an inground garden.

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Perks of being a Garden Program Customer

Free Shipping

The Tertill Garden Program includes free standard shipping anywhere in the continental US.

Satisfaction Guarantee

You are going to be amazed at the difference the right fertilizer makes in your garden - we guarantee it. Money-Back Guarantee

Customer Support

Got a gardening question about some weird looking bug or slimy yellow mold? Wondering if you are wasting good beer trying to kill slugs? Ask us, we are here to help you follow proven gardening best practices.

Free Tertill App

Download the free Tertill App for Apple or Android and organize your garden data.

Surprises in Every Box

Everyone loves surprises, and we include some of our favorite things to help make gardening even more fun.

Huge garden center or big box store with racks filled with fertilizers.

How do You Choose Fertilizers for Your Garden?

There are so many choices, each one of them different from the rest. How do you know which one is right for your soil? Are you under fertilizing and starving your plants or over fertilizing and contaminating your ground water?

Closeup of soil being tested in a lab.

If You're Not Testing, You're Just Guessing

You can't tell what nutrients your soil needs just by looking at it. That's why the Tertill Garden Program includes a FREE soil test every three years. That way we know exactly what you need based on the test results, your location and plants. Your custom fertilizer plan is derived from Cornell and other land-grant universities recommendations which are based on decades of research. Soil science, it's a thing!